Dream Odyssey – The Girl

P.S. : This post is purely a work of fiction.

I was a little drunk. She was a little drunk too. We both were a little unconscious. She is a girl I used to like, I do not know if she liked me back or not. But then, I walked away from her life.

Out of nowhere, I found myself sitting with her on a railway station with a  lot of luggage. She asked me “Why did you leave?”. I was silent. I did not have an answer. At that moment, she kissed me, I kissed her back. And then we saw something weird,  half of the luggage we were traveling with was gone, it had just disappeared. I asked her “Where is half our luggage?” . She seemed least interested and somehow I stopped thinking about it too.

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Then suddenly I found myself sitting with her in a small bench-cum-hut far down the typical Indian railway station out of the shade. She again asked me the same question, “Why did you leave?”. I did not answer. She kissed me again. She started taking off her clothes and this time, we got a little intimate. And then again we noticed the same weird thing. Half of the luggage was gone again. I noticed and ignored. She noticed and ignored too.

And then our train started approaching the station. It came to a halt. We settled ourselves in our seats with whatever luggage we were left with. We slept. And when I woke up, I found myself sleeping in some another seat with her awake beside me  and another half of our luggage gone, yet again. We could not care less.

There was an attack. The train came to a halt. A large crowd of people barged into the train and started beating rest of the passengers but us. We were shocked and jumped out of the train with one small bag which was left with us. We were running fast through the platform to get away from that train.

We jumped into another train. We sat and the train left.  I saw her skin starting to turn black. I was worried. Her skin completely turned black. I was about to kiss her when I saw her teeth start to grow. They had started to come out of her mouth. She had turned into a monster. Suddenly, she was over me and trying to strangle me to death. I started reciting  the ‘hanuman chalisa’. And then after a few moments, SHE FLEW AWAY.

Who was she ? Who was stealing our luggage ? Why didn’t the crowd attack us?



Dream Odyssey

I could not breathe. I was being strangled , strangled to death. I could not open my eyes properly. Every time my eyes opened, I could see a shape , shape of a human body, just the outline , nothing else was visible.

And then that shape pulled me up , carried me for a few miles and then I heard a loud sound , “THUD”. I was on the ground.

And then my eyes opened. I was on my bed , wide awake , looking for that shape but there was nothing to be found except darkness. My eyes adjusted to the darkness.The pupils became as big as they could. I started seeing the shapes in my room , the table, the photoframe, the coffee mug and the chair. “Wait there is something on the chair, that same humanly shape” , I thought. It stood up and started coming towards me. I jumped out of the bed and ran towards the door and went out. I fell .

I had fallen and there was no one to catch me . Another intense sound.

And I woke up , I was on my bed. I could see the sun rays coming in from the windows. The darkness and the shape , were gone.