Cannon Love

To the massiveness that is . We stand somewhere between the mountain and the ant.


To the ripples in life that lead to the awesomeness.  When a human being moves away from nature,his heart becomes hard.


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.


And to the mountains and the rock formations that make us realize, how small we are .


And to the tiny little things that make our day !!


Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

And some more reasons to visit Cannon,

The Astoria Megler Bridge (yes it is 6.5 kms long) and the Pacific

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The Rest Will Flow – Discover365 Project – Day 361-365

Here it is . Day 365 . An year just passed by and my project is over . Oh no, lets say , the project got a new direction , it got a new beginning !!

When the strong winds blew the clouds away.





Pretty hard to decide which is more pretty, morning or evening ?


Evening Day364


Morning Day364


Evening Day364

IMG_20150114_165803 fotor2

Keep working hard folks,
the rest will flow !!
Eyes closed ,
All of the rest will flow !!

Polar Vortex – Discover365 Project – Day 351 – 360

Day 356       Day358

Feels Like: -22 degree celsius, looks a lot more | Feels like: -28 degree celsius, looks much less

Second photo was taken after an interval of 24 hours.

First morning of the year, started the year with a coffee and a lazy egg 🙂


Fruit loops





Another one passes by – Story of the year 2014

After much procrastination , I decided to go on a photo spree for the next 365 days . And it all started at the lovely Bellandur Lake , Bangalore .

Project365- Behind the fence - Day1

Behind the fence – Day1

Agara Lake – “This Lake however, almost dwindled to oblivion in the name of city expansion.” Read the full story here:

Nostalgia - Discover365 Project - Day 7

Nostalgia – Day 7

Life is filled of ups and downs. My grandmom expired and I had to rush to my hometown.

Lonely - Project 365 - Day 17

Lonely – Day 17

And this is how I feel sometimes , lost in the mist .

Walking into Darkness - Discover365 - Day 19

Walking into Darkness – Discover365 – Day 19

Goa , Arambol, some close friends and this sunset below . I still remember every single moment of that trip.


Oh Bangalore!! You amaze me every evening !!

Holi in Heaven - Discover365 Project - Day65

Holi in Heaven – Day65

Change !! Change is needed. Within us, within the people around us.

Full story here :

Magic Bus IDSDP - Discover365 Project - Day85

Magic Bus IDSDP – Day85

And this is how it feels when  you are waiting on your graduate application results. Trapped !!

Circle of Life - Discover365 Project - Day110

Circle of Life – Day110

And this photo surely does justice to the beauty of bangalore.

Urbanization - Day115

Urbanization – Day115

And then one of my close friend got engaged !! Time flies.

A day to Remember - Discover365 Project - Day162

A day to Remember – Day162

Mission accomplished. 21 kgs shed \m/

Little Big Accomplishments - Discover365 Project - Day159

Little Big Accomplishments – Day159

And to celebrate my admit to University at Buffalo, Gokarna was calling !!

Walking Dead - Discover365 Project - Day176

Walking Dead – Day176

Sad day , happy day ! I left HP !

Farewell HP - Discover365 Project - Day179

Farewell HP – Day179

Mahamrityunjay , my mom wanted me to do this before I leave India.

Om Namah Shivay - Discover365 Project - Day199

Om Namah Shivay – Discover365 Project – Day199

Arrival at UB. The journey begins.
UB South Campus - Discover365 Project - Day214

And then I visited Niagara !! Mind = Blown !!

Day 225

Day 225

What I like doing most ! Resting in the lap of nature at Letchworth State Park , NY !!

Day 285

Day 285

Happy New Year !! Have a sparkling 2015 !!