“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

“We are all broken , that’s how light gets in .”

Light has always amazed me. The things you can do with a beam of light are endless . No wonder we always try to find a ray of light in darkness. There is a crack in everything , that’s how light gets in.  There is a crack in darkness too, it cannot stay for long. It cracks , it will crack  someday, have faith and be optimistic . When a ray of light is found by one , it affects others around. Light cannot contain itself in a small room , it scatters , the beams will reach as far as they can.

But darkness teaches us something, it teaches us to stay strong. In the light , we read the invention of others, it is the darkness that leads to new inventions, it is when we create new stories, it is where we try to experiment and create a crack so that the light can get in . And the cycle goes on.

Here are few of my experiments with light.

1- Light Ninjas

I am glad these girls volunteered for this. This came out, unexpectedly, great. A dark room and a torch is all you need.


2- Ghostly figures

These guys flock outside my house every night .

_DSC02761 _DSC02771 3- The Window that rockedIMG_9471

4 – Flying heads

In trying to create some ghostly figures, this is what I ended up with.