The Rest Will Flow – Discover365 Project – Day 361-365

Here it is . Day 365 . An year just passed by and my project is over . Oh no, lets say , the project got a new direction , it got a new beginning !!

When the strong winds blew the clouds away.





Pretty hard to decide which is more pretty, morning or evening ?


Evening Day364


Morning Day364


Evening Day364

IMG_20150114_165803 fotor2

Keep working hard folks,
the rest will flow !!
Eyes closed ,
All of the rest will flow !!


Polar Vortex – Discover365 Project – Day 351 – 360

Day 356       Day358

Feels Like: -22 degree celsius, looks a lot more | Feels like: -28 degree celsius, looks much less

Second photo was taken after an interval of 24 hours.

First morning of the year, started the year with a coffee and a lazy egg 🙂


Fruit loops





Another one passes by – Story of the year 2014

After much procrastination , I decided to go on a photo spree for the next 365 days . And it all started at the lovely Bellandur Lake , Bangalore .

Project365- Behind the fence - Day1

Behind the fence – Day1

Agara Lake – “This Lake however, almost dwindled to oblivion in the name of city expansion.” Read the full story here:

Nostalgia - Discover365 Project - Day 7

Nostalgia – Day 7

Life is filled of ups and downs. My grandmom expired and I had to rush to my hometown.

Lonely - Project 365 - Day 17

Lonely – Day 17

And this is how I feel sometimes , lost in the mist .

Walking into Darkness - Discover365 - Day 19

Walking into Darkness – Discover365 – Day 19

Goa , Arambol, some close friends and this sunset below . I still remember every single moment of that trip.


Oh Bangalore!! You amaze me every evening !!

Holi in Heaven - Discover365 Project - Day65

Holi in Heaven – Day65

Change !! Change is needed. Within us, within the people around us.

Full story here :

Magic Bus IDSDP - Discover365 Project - Day85

Magic Bus IDSDP – Day85

And this is how it feels when  you are waiting on your graduate application results. Trapped !!

Circle of Life - Discover365 Project - Day110

Circle of Life – Day110

And this photo surely does justice to the beauty of bangalore.

Urbanization - Day115

Urbanization – Day115

And then one of my close friend got engaged !! Time flies.

A day to Remember - Discover365 Project - Day162

A day to Remember – Day162

Mission accomplished. 21 kgs shed \m/

Little Big Accomplishments - Discover365 Project - Day159

Little Big Accomplishments – Day159

And to celebrate my admit to University at Buffalo, Gokarna was calling !!

Walking Dead - Discover365 Project - Day176

Walking Dead – Day176

Sad day , happy day ! I left HP !

Farewell HP - Discover365 Project - Day179

Farewell HP – Day179

Mahamrityunjay , my mom wanted me to do this before I leave India.

Om Namah Shivay - Discover365 Project - Day199

Om Namah Shivay – Discover365 Project – Day199

Arrival at UB. The journey begins.
UB South Campus - Discover365 Project - Day214

And then I visited Niagara !! Mind = Blown !!

Day 225

Day 225

What I like doing most ! Resting in the lap of nature at Letchworth State Park , NY !!

Day 285

Day 285

Happy New Year !! Have a sparkling 2015 !!