A Proud Indian, Passionate about Photography , Love HiKiNg, Nature Lover, Cricket Fan and have a dream of having a mark in every country. I believe this world is just too beautiful to be not walking around with a camera, and capturing & experiencing every minute of it.

“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.” – Annie Leibovitz , 1949 (Chief Photographer at Rolling Stone magazine)

“There is a crack in everything , that’s how light gets in .”

Software Engineer by profession, Computer Science graduate from State University of New York at Buffalo . Well, who is not allowed to dream, dreaming is the first step to success. I dream of becoming a part of Development team of some of the best companies in the world like Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo,Google etc and later on start my own company(I know that sounds too big now) . I dream of travellng to every country at least once in my lifetime to experience/document the diversity. I dream of having a mark in every country in my Photo Map. I also dream of having a house around the most beautiful beach in the world so that when I open my window in the morning, I can see vast expanse of clear blue water till the horizon. Dreams, big dreams, I tell you.


I do not understand racial discrimination & caste system. We, humans, have been put on this earth to learn and experience as much as we can and this cannot/should not be segregated based on one’s race/caste.

Big fan of Steven Wilson(He is a musician) and his projects.
Wilson says – “I’ve stepped on nails, screws, drawing pins, stubbed my toe, I’ve come off stage with blood just coming out… I mean, I’ve had it all mate, but to be honest, nothing’s going to stop me.”

PS: All photos on this blog are taken by me.

“Most of the time I hope I can encourage people to slow down and take a look at Mother Nature—whether it be landscapes around them, wildlife, or an awesome sky scene. We seem to have lost touch with that in our society.” – Found this on Your Shot Blog


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