I could not breathe. I was being strangled , strangled to death. I could not open my eyes properly. Every time my eyes opened, I could see a shape , shape of a human body, just the outline , nothing else was visible.

And then that shape pulled me up , carried me for a few miles and then I heard a loud sound , “THUD”. I was on the ground.

And then my eyes opened. I was on my bed , wide awake , looking for that shape but there was nothing to be found except darkness. My eyes adjusted to the darkness.The pupils became as big as they could. I started seeing the shapes in my room , the table, the photoframe, the coffee mug and the chair. “Wait there is something on the chair, that same humanly shape” , I thought. It stood up and started coming towards me. I jumped out of the bed and ran towards the door and went out. I fell .

I had fallen and there was no one to catch me . Another intense sound.

And I woke up , I was on my bed. I could see the sun rays coming in from the windows. The darkness and the shape , were gone.



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