So where does the Racism start from?

So , have you ever wondered where are the roots of evolution of racism. Nope? Try thinking and you will be shocked.

Its Us !! Its the people around us. Our Family , Friends and Relatives. And last but not the least, its you and me.
I have seen many people talk about racism , they say that its a bad thing for human race, they say that it should be stopped but I have seen the same people contribute to racism , knowingly or unknowingly. Its just sad when people knowingly contribute to the growth of Racism.


Recently I came across many such incidents. There is a servant at my friend’s place who stays in his house , cooks food for them and does all the household work. But he has a separate bathroom. I accidentally happen to use the same bathroom and when I came out of it , my friend asked me “What were you doing in the servant’s bathroom ?” . I know its not a big thing , I know I should not be concerned what others do but I just feel sad about it. Why such behaviour? Why not treat everyone equally? I mean you can eat the food cooked by the same person but you can’t use the same bathroom. It must not be a big deal for some and some might even laugh about it but have you ever thought about the background of that guy , why he became a servant?

I had also been to a relative’s place and saw the same kind of scene there. When I asked them why it is like that? They did not have an answer.


This is the scene across whole of India. This has perfectly been portrayed in the movie ‘The Help’. It perfectly portray’s how the servant’s feel when they are discriminated. Just because they are servant’s does not mean they should not be treated equally. May be that servant’s parents were from a poor background and they did not have enough money to teach him properly, may be his circumstances made him poor , there are just too many reason’s for what he could have become and why he became what he is now.

When I tried discussing these things with some of my friends and relatives , some laughed about it, some did not care and some had other reasons. The thing is that, people today are just too shy or ashamed to talk about such serious and sensitive topics. It might be a small thing but these small things contribute to the growth of racism. Firstly, I blame the Indian government for contributing to the growth of Racism and Castiesm in India. Why have reserved quota? Why have majorities and minorities ? Why not treat everyone equally?

When you , me and the people around us stop taking these kinds of small things seriously, then only we all will be able to eradicate Racism and Castiesm from the World and make the world a better place for everyone to live .


2 thoughts on “So where does the Racism start from?

  1. I totally agree wid u…We all should initiate by changing little little things in our life then the world will change…because WE are the world….

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