What’s your religion?

Are you a guy or a girl?

Is there healthy competition amongst all the Gods that people know?

Everyone says there are 9 people in the world who look alike…….do you do this based on continents or


When do you sleep? Most importantly, who backs you up when you do?

How do you prioritise prayers? Is there any room for corruption?

I know this whole vaporisation thing about rain….what’s your story?

If you live in heaven because the Earth is not such a great place, how come you let your children live

here…….what’s all the parent-child relationship mumbo jumbo?

If there is life after death and we need to live even when we are up there……then why is there death?

If people go to heaven because you need them there then why send them here at all. And by the way,

what good do grand parents…

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