I Wish I Could…I Wish I Was…

There are so many things in this world that I would love to do. I would love to stand on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza and shout at the top of my voice, I would love to dive with the water flowing down at the Niagara Falls, I would love to create a monument like Taj Mahal ( No one can ever reach near the efforts of the workers who built the Taj but I can still try), I would love to sail on a small boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ( that sounds crazy and the fact that I am scared of deep water makes it more but I still want to try that because the view from that small boat…now you can imagine that), I would love to dive from an airplane flying at the maximum height it can reach ( now who is scared of dying ),I would love to turn back time, I would love to save the world once.

There are many other things in this world(My World=Real + Fantasy), I wish I was or had. I wish I had a wand like Harry Potter that could do almost anything, I wish I could cast spells, I wish I could make potions, I wish I could travel the world on a broomstick or a flying car without being worried about the petrol ( everyone is worried about the petrol rates nowadays coz they are touching skies), I wish I had an army of horsemen like the Theoden King that could ruin anything, I wish I had the agility like Legolas, I wish I had a fort like Minastirith , I wish I could visit Shire, I wish I could meet Arwen, I wish I could date Bella Swan ( I know I am not Edward Cullen. So What? ), I wish I had powers like Magneto ( only to be used for a good cause ) , I wish I had a school like Charles Xavier. Actually the list here is endless and I will stop here. I forgot to mention about Iron Man, The Transformers, the Twilight series etc etc. No one can get everything ( Imagine the situation when one had everything one wanted. Then Life would be so boring. Nah, not possible. Or, is it? ).

Its past midnight and I am not feeling sleepy , that’s why I wrote this post to bore anyone who visits my blog. My other posts generally came after a lot of thinking but this one is just one of those where I am just blurting out whats in my mind.

I wish I had a Marauder’s Map…I wish I could…Ok Ok enough. I am going to stop now .


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