Religion Divides People

I hate it when people are discriminated on the basis of religion, I hate it when people get priorities just because they belong to a so called “higher caste” and other low caste people are not treated as the same, I hate it when seats are reserved for the minorities in the competitive exams, I hate it when two people from different religion or caste are not permitted to marry, I hate it all.

In my opinion everyone should be treated equally and not on the basis of caste,creed or religion. Treating people differently leads to differences which leads to fights and then leads to riots. Had they been treated equally , with everyone given equal oppurtunities and each caste or creed been given the equal status in society as the others, the World would have been a lot more peaceful and better place.

Indian Constitution is a perfect example where people are measured based on their religion. In every governmental school ,instituion and organization seats have been reserved for the minorities. Who are these “minorities”? They have beeen created by the people itself beacuse they were not given equal oppurtunities earlier.

I am not saying that I am an atheist.Those who call them atheist, are lying because there is always a little part in every human who prays to god every now and then. I am not against any caste, creed ,religion or culture, but those who do not want to follow any religion should be accepted by the society in the same way as the ones those who follow any religion. When former does not have problem with the latter, then why the society should have problems accepting people who don’t follow any religion.

Society will not get better by killing people on religion basis , it will not improve by looking down on people , it will not improve by not allowing people from two different castes to get married.Society will improve when all people from all castes,creed,religion and culture will live together peacefully, to make the world a better place for everyone to live.


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