Are Tail enders a big deal for Indian Bowlers??

A big question that is yet to be answered about the Indian cricket team is: Are Tail enders really such a big deal for the Indian Bowlers??

Whether it is a test match or an ODI, this always happens with India.They are able to get the top order quickly but when it comes to taking down the full team inside a small total, the same bowlers are incapable to do that. This is not a new story. There is a long record of the Indian bowlers whether its Anil Kumble and Javagal Srinath or Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh,they have repeated the same story again again and again.

The current such occurrence is the ODI between India and New Zealand. The bowlers took the first 5 wickets for 77 runs and when it was looking that they will be bowled out inside 120-130, Indian bowlers rose to the occasion and repeated the history, they again could not just bowl out the tail enders and again new zealand put up a respectable score.

The Bowlers need to work hard on that. They never seem to take this thing seriously. I think Dhoni should think about this and should try to overcome this. Dhoni just signed Rs.26crore deal with the UB group. I think the free beer from the UB group will help the Indian bowlers.


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