My Journey to HP Labs(R&D)

Well well well….After writing written exams for 25 companies and facing interviews in 6 companies, finally I got into HP Labs as an R&D Engineer . And now I don’t regret that I did not get into any company previously. I am glad that I got into HP Labs.

Interview Experiences

  1. NDS

    I cleared the written exam which consisted of 10 questions on aptitude,10 questions on C and JAVA and one subjective question. The questions were pretty easy.

    After clearing the written round, the next round was Extempore.We had to pick a topic and speak for around 3-4 mins.
    My topic was Science-Boon or Curse.I know, the topic is pretty easy but I suffered from a complete black out that day as it was my first interview. I spoke for 2 mins but could not find words after that and I was eliminated .

  2. Saber Holdings
    The written paper consisted of 50 questions consisting of aptitude, C, OS ,DBMS and some very general questions. The paper on the whole was very easy.


    • Round 1-> It was a one on one interview. He asked me simple questions on C,C++,JAVA,OS and AJAX. He asked me about my projects which I have done. This round went pretty well and I answered all of the questions.
    • Round 2-> There were 2 people taking my interview. They started with my projects. Then they asked me questions on Networks,C,XML,AJAX and some SQL queries. I answered all questions till this point of time. Then they asked me 3-4 questions on UNIX out of which I answered only one.So I was eliminated.
  3. Misys
    The written paper consisted of 10-15 questions on each of C,C++,OS and Networks and aptitude. The paper was not that easy. But somehow I cleared it.

    Interview-> It was a one on one interview. He started with C++ and asked me very simple questions on Polymorphism,Encapsulation,Inheritance, Virtual and friend functions. Then he asked me questions on OS consisting of threading and Scheduling Algorithms. I answered almost all the questions. I was eliminated, don’t know why. Guess it wasn’t my day.

    The written paper consisted of 10 subjective questions on aptitude,Trees,Linked Lists,Graphs ans Strings.I answered just 6 questions out of the 10 and I got selected for the interview.

    Interview- He started with the questions which I had done wrong in the paper.I answered those. Then he asked me to write codes for 2-3 simple questions on Strings and Linked Lists.I answered all. Then he asked me a puzzle on graphs. I answered it partly. I found it a bit difficult. Then he asked me questions about my projects.
    I got eliminated for some reason which I don’t know.

  5. Informatica

    This was a full data oriented company and there were two written rounds. First written round consisted of some 60 questions on aptitude,OS,networks and weightage was given to SQL and RDBMS. I cleared the first written round.

    The second written round consisted of 4 questions on SQL queries and 10 questions on aptitude. The questions were easy except some question on aptitude.I cleared this as well.

    Interview-> He started with my projects. Then as I had done well in SQL in the written tests,he asked me 3 SQL queries. I answered only 2. Then he asked me some questions on UNIX and the difference between Windows and Unix. I answered but he was not convinced . Then he asked me a question:- what data do you need to find the weight of Mount Everest?
    Can you answer that ?? I was eliminated.

  6. HP R&D
    10th Nov- Two companies were visiting our campus on this day. Unisys and HP. It was not sure whether HP was coming that day and when will the Unisys interviews take place. So out of confusion I did not write the Unisys test properly. I was wondering if I had done a mistake.

    Then finally HP Online test took place that day.There were three batches. I got the last batch.The test ended around 10 30 in the night.
    The online test consisted of 100 questions on Programming Ability,OS and Networks,Aptitude,Algorithms and Data Structures,C(mainly questions were on pointers to functions) and 1 essay writing question. I attempted 90 question out of 100. The paper went quite good.

    11th Nov- The results were announced in the morning and the interviews started.

    Round 1->She read my resume and asked me questions on each of the subjects I had mentioned in my resume. She asked me questions on C,Algorithms,One question each from stacks,queues,linked lists,trees,graphs,Operating system questions on virtual memory management,paging and segmentation,TLB etc. Then she asked me 1 question each on python,C++ and JAVA. I answered all the questions except one question on malloc . Then she asked me about my projects and If I had any plans for further studies. She was impressed with my resume and projects which was basically web based.

    Round 2-> After a long wait, round 2 took place around 7 pm . He started with my percentage in 10th,12th and B.E.Then he asked me about my projects and asked me to make a model for it.He asked me about my interests and I said C,Data Structures and Web Technologies. Then he asked to make a model of AJAX architecture and how it happens. Then he asked me some questions on C and C++.I cleared this round.

    HR Interview-> I was very nervous as this was my first HR interview. Thanks to Nitin Kumar and Ritesh for keeping me calm. The HR was very friendly. She started with,where are you from? I said Kanpur and then she asked me some questions about Kanpur. Then she asked me about my interests. I said Web technologies. She asked why? I told that. Then she aksed me about my projects and asked how I got the internship at ABHERI(for IIT). Then I asked her a question about her work experience and the work environment at HP. The interview went good.

    12the nov- Around 1 in the night.The results came out. They selected all the people shortlisted for HR interview.I was elated after seeing my name in the list of selected students in HP.And I will never forget this day in my entire life as this was my first job.

Many funny things happened during this course. I was shortlisted for Softjin but was not allowed to give the interview because I did not attend the PPT. I thought I was shortlisted for Philips but found out later it was some other Ashish.
Now these things doesn’t matter. I am glad that finally I got into HP.


20 thoughts on “My Journey to HP Labs(R&D)

  1. So, there is hope for many out there who havent secured good jobs still. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I heard the same from one of my friends in ECE, the paper was very tough. But will it be completely based on C/C++/OS/Networking or will we have some other topics as well?

    I have one more important question, as the post is dated Nov 2010, I assume you must have joined the R&D division of HP.
    How is the work there? What about the work-life balance? And what roles are ECE candidates usually given?

    Thanks again!

    • Yes there is always hope πŸ™‚

      Paper will be of moderate difficulty with questions on topics you mentioned.I think for EC , they have a separate section in test but I am not sure. Contact a senior from EC.

      Yes I am in the R&D division.

      Work – Depends on the team you join and the kind of manager you get. I have been extremely lucky and my work has been really good.

      Work Life Balance – Probably the best. No doubt about it.

      ECE roles – I don’t know. Please contact a senior from ECE.

      Hope this helps.

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