Ind vs NZ 1st Test Ahmedabad-Nov 2010

Has the Indian batting line up been cursed or Chris Martin is bowling Fireballs out there?? This is what comes to my mind after seeing the Indian batting performance on the 4th day of the 1st test. Indians were 3 down for 2 runs and 5 down for 15.Full credit goes to Martin for bringing the Kiwi’s back into the game . We may witness the Kiwi’s winning the first test of the series tomorrow.

The Indian team, the team that won both the test’s against Australia comprehensively , Ricky Ponting lost a chance of winning a test on Indian Soil as a Captain,is on the verge of losing to the underestimated Kiwi’s. The Kiwi’s, who were “Banglawashed” a few days back , Bangladesh won their first series without losing a game ,where Kiwi’s were humiliated are now here, on the verge of defeating the so called KING of Test Cricket,INDIA.

Motera Stadium has witnessed many of the records being set and broken by the Indian Players but this time, Motera stadium has something else in store. Although we witnessed a huge partnership between Sehwag and Dravid in the first innings , seems like that was not enough. Cricket is a team game. The performance of the rest of the Indian team was overshadowed by the massive innings of Sehwag and Dravid . The bowling also was less than ordinary.

Now what we can do is, yet again rely on VVS Laxman , the Saviour , to the save the test match for India or an Indian Bowler coming up with a Storm to ruin the Kiwi batting line up. But there is very little chance of that happening. Lets Hope for the best tomorrow !!


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