My Work

I am basically into website development and web application development on the client side and the server side but I love doing any kind of development work provided it is innovative and interesting.  I love exploring new technologies and playing with it !!

I love the work I did at Earth2Orbit as an Internship for a month. Earth2Orbit is a private space company and growing . I got to play with the Google Map API”s. I learnt many many new things about AJAX and PHP. The site basically provides information about the Earth2Orbit Verticals. The best part is Satellite Imagery where the user selects an area on a map and based on the selection made,latitudes and longitudes,the server provides the user with the images taken from the satellite for which Earth2Orbit has rights.

There are many variations on this.This has not been published on the web yet but I am hoping it will be on the world wide web by the end of this year.

Abheri,IIT Kanpur

The work here was to build a web portal for the selling and purchase of  textbooks,bikes,finding a roommate etc. and a lot more stuff you can do within the IIT and save a lot of money.

The main aim was to connect the students from the IIT’s all over India so that they can interact with each other and get benefit out of it.The students can share the views on the web openly or find support for a cause.

The portal also helps the students in finding a good job for themselves and there is lot more to come.

This has not been published yet but will be on the web by the end of this month.Wait for it 🙂

My published works:

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